Akbar's Elephant, 2000. Akbar sited at Lee Kelly's studio, where it remained for 17 years. Peaking through the elephant's legs is Henry Ford at Delphi.

March 2, 2017

In February, Akbar’s Elephant, a significant outdoor sculpture created in 2000, moved to its new home in the lobby of the Fox Tower, Portland, Oregon. The event was monumental as befits an elephant, requiring disassembly of the piece for transport and installation, and reassembly inside the lobby.

Below are some images from the day Akbar left Leland Iron Works.

Here’s the crew starting the task of disassembling Akbar’s Elephant from the site it had occupied since 2000. Notice the lake of brown water under the sculpture. Oregon received more than twice the amount of rainfall that normally falls in February, and most of it came down that day.
The sculpture had to be cut apart in order to transport and install in the lobby of Fox Tower. So here’s the crew getting ready to take it apart. I didn’t think this was a good idea– messing with the integrity of the sculpture. But the disassembly went well and I never saw the seams.

Akbar’s Elephant to Fox Tower, part two
 Part three
Part four


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